Dear Girl Who Ruined My Relationship

Subject: Dear Girl Who Ruined My Relationship
Date: 12 Dec 2015

Dear Girl Who Ruined My Relationship,

I know you're prettier than me and your voice is cuter than mine and I know you're the mother of his child and I know that you are basically everything I'm not. But what I do not know is what could make you stoop so low as to hurt me in this way.

Even now I am finding it hard to clearly express my feelings toward something like this. He moved on, and so did you. So what made you decide you wanted to have him inside you again, when you knew he was happy with me? What have I honestly ever done to you, other than pick up the man I love when you no longer wanted him? I have waited for so long to be able to hold him and now things will never be the same.

Don't take this as me implying he is without fault. He is just as guilty as you are. But I'm really trying to wrap my head around how you can know what its like to be cheated on. In fact you can play the victim pretty well when it happens to you. Yet for some reason you were more than eager to jump at the chance to make me the victim of infidelity as well. Surely I never did anything serious enough to deserve that.

The fact of the matter is that maybe you're bitter. Maybe you are upset because he is no longer wrapped around your finger. Then again if it was that easy for you to seduce him maybe he is. All I am saying is that even if he is now with me we should not be playing these childish games. You are an adult and you should learn to act like it.

This is the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with but now every waking moment I am scared he is with you again. Maybe this is what you wanted, to instill a fear of you inside my head. And I guess you did a pretty good job of it, though I don;t understand what the point would be when you say you don't want to be with him anymore.

I don't really think this letter will accomplish anything, considering I doubt you will ever see it or hear of it a single time in your life, but I can still hope that you do. And I can still hope that one day you will grow up and realize that just because you aren't getting what you want doesn't mean you need to make other people unhappy.

The Girl You Could "Mop the Floor With"