Dear Citizens of Overton

Subject: Dear Citizens of Overton
From: Anonymous
Date: 17 Oct 2020

This past week, Facebook has been filled with hate and negativity. With a sad and heavy heart, Overton lost a beautiful soul because of that boisterous hate some of you spread behind your screen. Even after her passing, you still made rude and ugly comments and posts. You bash families that have made great improvements to a town most of the citizens love and families that have been in Overton for decades. You judge people without knowing their situation or their life story. You call people names. You lash out behind a screen but we all know you would never say these things in real life. You claim to know what's best for Overton, but your actions and words so otherwise. It is incredible sad that a post based on hate gets more likes and comments than the one informing the town of the recent passing of a hard working and dedicated women. You are so worried about the splinter in your neighbors eye, that you have yet to consider the log that is in your own. Stop making rumors about families you don't know. It is incredible sad that instead of making positive posts or saying uplifting things, your first instinct is to log on to your profile to say ever hate filled word you think of. If you have read this far, I ask that you start evaluating yourself! Do you use your social media to spread lies and hate, or do you try to uplift those who are trying to help the community? Do you make rash judgements of families you don't like, or are you extending grace to those same people? And here is the harsh truth...if you helped the community as much as you post negative comments or post on facebook, Overton would be in a much better place. Any people are saying that it's time to "take out the trash" in Overton, but I think it's time that the citizens of Overton learn to be kind, humble, and positive! Of all my traveling, I have never seen a town so negative! Change how people view you. Shine your light! Stop going to Facebook for everything! If you have an issue, take it to that person! Don't be a keyboard ninja. Stop throwing the first stone...because Jesus could have thrown one at you and he didn't. I know many of you will read this and scoff, or go make a Facebook post about the things you find wrong in this open letter. So let me just inform you of this, if you decide to make a negative post about this open letter, then you are the issue!