COVID-19 and Quicksand

Subject: COVID-19 and Quicksand
From: E.E. Laine
Date: 9 Oct 2020

For some reason, realizing the COVID-19 pandemic is approaching its first anniversary, prompted me to think of quicksand. My knowledge of that sticky gunk is limited to what I learned from Gilligan’s Island, back in the 70s.
The only TV my brothers and I could watch as kids was what our Dad watched. Let’s just say, the three of us probably know more Hee-Haw, John Wayne, Lawrence Welk, and Clint Eastwood trivia than most 50-60-year-old. However, given Gilligan’s Island aired from 4 – 4:30 p.m. each weekday, we could sneak watch most of each episode while Mom made supper in preparation for Dad’s return from work.
My most vivid memories of the show involve quicksand. One or more of the castaways seemed to get bogged down in it quite often. As I recall, they made a big deal out of not fighting the quicksand to escape or to stay afloat. According to the show, the only hope of surviving quicksand was to relax, look up, slowly stretch into a back float, and wait for help to arrive.
{NOTE: I’ve not confirmed the validity of this approach so if you plan to travel where quicksand exists, please do your own research in advance.}
However, that does seem to be a valid approach for dealing with the onslaught of changes prompted by COVID-19. At times, I’m tempted to fight back by flailing around and complaining about this virus' downwards sucking force. That would be pointless, however, perhaps even harmful.
So I’ve adopted the response that saved Gilligan’s life countless times. Relax (be still), look up (eyes on Christ), stretch-out (wrapped in God’s Loving Arms), and wait (this too, shall pass). In the meantime, I plan to be about Our Father’s Business, doing my best to fulfill the Great Commission: sharing the Good News of Salvation provided by Christ’s Atonement with others - near and far.
The best place to start? Those stuck closest to me in the quicksand.
E.E. Laine, author of "Praise God for Tattered Dreams" - ISBN 9780578033754