Clarksville Tennesse Fire Hero

Subject: Clarksville Tennesse Fire Hero
From: Family Member of the Saved
Date: 2 Jun 2017

I have never written an open letter before but am amazed by its ability to get voices heard, that being said I hope I am heard.

This letter is for the amazing mystery man who, while walking his dog, noticed smoke coming from my twin brother's house and without hesitation took action towards getting my sister-in-law, three-year-old niece and their 3 dogs out safely.

My twin is a dedicated army man who was deployed when the fire took place (he is now thankfully in route to be with his family). What many people fail to realize is that the army wives have to find the energy to act as both mom and dad during deployment. With this being an extremely exhausting feat, along with raising a toddler, it would be tough to wake anyone from the state of a much needed deep sleep. As if being overly exhausted wasn't a probable cause to not hear the fire alarms, we have recently come to find that where the fire had started (the attic) there were no smoke detectors and without this mans heroics this story would have had an unthinkable ending.

Thankfully, my family and I only ask help in finding the man that saved all of our lives (directly and indirectly) so we can thank him personally.

With an abundance of love and gratitude. - The Chirlins