Chinese-owned Reddit must stop hyping Omicron dangers that has lowest death rate of ANY virus in last 3 centuries

Subject: Chinese-owned Reddit must stop hyping Omicron dangers that has lowest death rate of ANY virus in last 3 centuries
From: Just the Facts
Date: 4 Jan 2022

Ever since China bought 40% of Reddit shares four years ago, Reddit has been promoting nothing but doom and gloom for America's future. I often wonder if this a deliberate psy-op to program my fellow-Americans to to expect failure, illness, and economic collapse. As Hitler once said, "If you tell a lie often enough people will eventually accept it as the truth". We The People have become "We The Sheeple" not unlike Pavlov's dogs.

Granted, Omicron is a highly-contagious variant of COVID (aka SARS2) compared to Delta, BUT it is also the LEAST LETHAL virus in the last 300 years according to Stanford, UCLA, medical schools as well as the Pasteur Institute. Reddit as well as the MSM (except Fox News, Newsmax, New York Post, and Washington Times) are posting dozen of headlines like "Millions now infected with Omicron", "Omicron claiming 1 million victims daily", "Omicron may soon Conquer World" etc. But here are the facts that they conveniently leave out...

* Less than 2% of Americans are getting infected by Omicron

* Of this 2% that get infected, 97% fully recover within 10-15 days whether you have been vaccinated or not.

* More than 70% of those infected are over age 65 and/or obese and/or have vitamin deficiencies

* More than 63% of those infected have other pre-existing respiratory problems.

* It took the CDC two weeks to admit that just as many vaccinated people are getting infected by Omicron as vaccinated people, and only after a leak emerged from an HHS insider.

So while they hype the "Omicron Surge", why are not allowing the whole story to be told in order to keep people calm and educated? Are they deliberately trying to alarm the public to scare them into getting vaccinated? Is so, this is a despicable and shameful tactic.

I myself am in the high-risk group because of my advanced aged and 12 days ago, I was told I was positive for Omicron. To be totally honest, to me it was no different than a bad flu. I had a fever, sore throat, raspy cough and generally just felt exhausted. But I drank a lot of gatorade, hot soups, and took two HCQ in the morning and two at bedtime, and I recovered fully in 4 days.

So it is now obvious that Reddit has some COVID agenda in play and they need to either be audited or regulated by U.S. Congress and/or pass a new law that prevents people from correcting and rebutting them with their well-known censorship. In the interim, people can get more complete information at,, or As an American I think it is shameful that I get more transparent COVID news from foreign sources than from the American news media.

As a military veteran who has personally witnessed quite a few government deceptions in the past in Vietnam and elsewhere, I can smell their guiding hand since Operation Mockingbird never ended (See No. 1 on this list here I was a public information officer in the military , and personally attest this Mockingbird Project had the final say over all the news the American public got to see.

Since I started using Reddit about 5 years ago to get news related to my personal hobby, I noticed hundreds of users complaining about censorship and then get banned for protesting the the censorship! This drew my attention to the fact that even medical doctors posting about Ivermectin and HCQ were being banned. Here is just a partial list of very academic or medical links that were censored from Reddit;

In summary, I urge Americans to discount 90% of what they read at Reddit because what the moderators removed leaves you with a distorted painting of reality that was painted with a very biased brush.