censoring of media

Subject: censoring of media
Date: 6 Mar 2019

There are many countries and party’s that control what you read, hear and know, the government controls the flow of information. The novel 1984 written by George Orwell is about how big brother controls the flow of information, including the way they think.

Censoring of media and the flow of information very rarely causes an issue. A lot of the times, censoring of media includes inappropriate books and books about death and things like that. Censoring of media does not include controlling what people think. Towards the end of this novel, Winston is arrested and tortured. Big brother tortures and brain washes people because he wants to ensure that they will not commit crimes in the future, but how does he know that the people will commit crimes? Big brother wants everyone to support him and listen to him and he wants the world to be perfect, but it’s not. It is not right to torture people and control people in general, even if you are making sure the other people are safe. The people haven’t committed any actual crimes to deserve it. there is no way to prove they will commit a crime in the future. People could chicken out or just be joking, some people would commit crimes, but they should suffer the consequences, not the innocent.

The government/Big brother believes that controlling what people think and know is right. According to (enotes.com) party members are not supposed to have private emotions. Big brother tells them how to feel. They are required to have severe disgust for terrorists and traitors. They could be brutally punished if they don’t follow these requirements. Controlling the media can be ok. Controlling what people think is not ok. (radwan) it is possible to change people minds and keep them from thinking some things, but it is not as easy as big brother is portraying it to be. He tortures and brain washes people to make them think certain things. People will always think what they want. It’s very had to change the way people think. It is possible but its hard. You shouldn’t torture people to change what they are thinking. You could just tell them to stop talking about it and eventually they will forget.

In Conclusion, until someone has committed a crime, they should not be punished, you don’t know that’s going to happen in the future, you shouldn’t punish the innocent. Big brother could be saving lives but he’s also ending a lot of them to. Being controlled is no way to live. If you need to insure the people are safe in the future, put the people who have actually committed crimes in prison (not including the thought crimes). Torture should not be ok, just limit their access to the outside when they are in prison. Try limiting inappropriate things and things that give people ideas, like certain books and movies. Have you ever thought of a crime? Have you ever been punished for something you said you might do but didn’t?