The Boy Who Is Probably My Soulmate

Subject: The Boy Who Is Probably My Soulmate
From: The Girl Who Isn't Yours
Date: 24 Jan 2018

I've seen and heard people say that chances are, you've probably met your soulmate before the age of 21. We're not quite there yet, we have some time still. But I already know.

I haven't known from the beginning. But after five long years of loving you, and feeling at home only when I'm talking to you, I know. I've tried to give my heart away, only to find that there's nothing left of it you give.

We don't talk much anymore. But you have no idea how much brighter my world is when we do talk, you have no clue how I'll replay our conversation in my head for weeks, every time you laughed at my dumb jokes, everything you said to make me laugh in return.

In my heart of hearts, I know you are my soulmate. It is not something I know how to put into words. There's something that just shines about you, even when you make your dumbest faces or say things I don't understand. I love every inch of it.

I know I am not your soulmate though. I'm lucky you consider me friend. As much as I wish we could dance or cuddle, I've learned to be content with just your presence and attention.

I hope you find your love, Love.