To the boy who made me think he loved me.

Subject: To the boy who made me think he loved me.
From: anon.
Date: 4 Jul 2017

Right from the beginning there were signs of you being a red flag. Me who had just gone through a very long relationship and a horrible break-up choose to ignore it. I thought you were going to help me move on. Turns out I was wrong. I got your number from a friend. I never expected you to be such a big part in my life. We started out texting. I was quite younger than you but you would've never guessed. We went on cheesy dates to places like the movies and ice skating. You truly made me happy.
Your grades started to drop because we were spending do much time together and your parents decided it would be best to spend awhile away from each other. I gave you my iPod to stay in touch. But you didn't use it to talk to just me. This is when it started. The lies. The manipulation. You cheated on me. Saying things to another girl you said to me. The worst part is I caught you. You made it so I cant trust anyone. I believed you loved me. You made me feel bad for you. Going as far as to lie and say you had cancer. CANCER. I was torn apart for days after you told me and it was a lie the whole time. I never realized what you were doing to me. I was afraid of you. The threats to my friends was enough. One close friend finally got through to me. Made me realize what you had done. What you were doing.
To this day you have permanently damaged my heart. I will never be the same again. Im glad to say that I built of the courage to leave and I can gladly say I am way happier without you.