to the boy that only loved the idea of me

Subject: to the boy that only loved the idea of me
Date: 15 Dec 2016

The truth is you did not love me, you did not want me; you needed me. No..not me someone, anyone someone to keep you stable. The night we met you had been planning on killing yourself, but chose to hang out with me instead. During the relationship you told me you didn’t know what you would do without me... that I was what was keeping you sober. At the time I thought this was sweet and romantic.
The same night we broke up you made a friend. That is totally rad, friends are great . I was glad you didn’t have to be alone. I was happy someone was with you to make sure you did not harm y yourself. You also told me she was just a friend nothing more nothing less. Now you are happily dating her. Less than a week later…
You met them a night you were planning on harming yourself in some way. Shortly after meeting them you begin to date- the relationship is going fast. You are already telling each other you love each other. Your facebook page consists of you tagging them in posts. They are your reason for being sober… You don’t know if I am talking about me or her do you? That’s how similar the relationships are. Admit it you do not want her or me or anyone… you just want someone So that you don’t have to be alone.