To the Boy I Loved

Subject: To the Boy I Loved
From: Maddie
Date: 11 Nov 2018
Maybe he loves me, maybe he doesn't.


You weren't my first boyfriend but you were the first boy I ever loved. We dated in 7th grade but you said we dated in elementary school. You may not remember when we dated but I do because when you first told me you loved me was when I was outside on the patio & you had one of my friends come tell me. I wish we could go back to those days when we had no idea what love was & we didn't care about anything else because we were a happy couple. But we're here now. You're 17 & I'm 16. I know deep down we still have some type of connection. Maybe it's the way you look at me when I'm smiling or laughing, or the way you ask me all these questions almost like you're trying to reassure yourself.

I always catch you trying to make stupid jokes & you're always looking at me for a reaction. The way you talk about your new date like you're trying to make me jealous. I see the way you repeat her name as if you're trying to get a reaction. You try to show off when you're around me & when we're not around each other, you're quiet. I notice when you stare into my eyes when I laugh like a hyena. It's that look that makes my heart flutter every time. I know you want me to be mad that you have a new girl but if I'm being honest, I'm happy for you, & I truly mean that. I lost interest in you after all that time I chased you around like a lost puppy. I like when guys have a guard, I just don't like when they play hard to get because they have too much pride. You had me but you lost me & no one will ever compare to me. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, it's just facts. I treated you so well & I loved you to the best of my ability & that's that. You will never find another girl like me. So, if in the future, you & I aren't friends anymore, I hope you know that you were my one & only & how much you meant to me but I'll always wish you the best Skylar Lee.


Love, Maddie ❤



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