To the boy that changed my life

Subject: To the boy that changed my life
From: The boy who changed your life
Date: 14 Oct 2018

Thank you, for teaching me things about myself that I’ve never known. The eight months that we spent together were a time of substantial growth, love, and euphoria. I’m grateful for the experiences we shared, the places we went and for the opportunity to know someone as courageous as you. I vividly remember the night we met; at a Chick-fil-A across from Lowe’s, it was a cold night in the early months of the year, I was driving my moms car because mine never worked in the cold. I knew I’d like you if you liked eating Chick-fil-a as much as I did. We spent many more nights eating fast food at ridiculous hours. This was one of my favorite quirks that we shared, we could have just finished watching a movie on Hulu at 2am and we’d immediately agree that we needed sustenance of an unhealthy and cheap caliber. Not only did we spend small moments like this together, we also conquered shut-ins, parks amassed of boulders, large quarry’s full of water, and driving across the entire southeastern states in a matter of three days. We argued over whether to turn right or left once Apple maps lost service and we laughed when we both realized we’ve been driving the wrong way for the last hour. The time we spent at our destinations made for good pictures but the journey there was always my favorite time spent with you. The connections we made and discovered between each other are something I will never lose appreciation for, I hope to feel so deeply endowed in someone of your immensity one day, they way I was with you. So, I’d like to thank you from the deepest crevice of my heart and soul, for being someone who opened up their life to me, showed me love, compassion, integrity, honesty, intelligence, and most importantly, showed me the real you. You deserve real happiness because you are as real as it gets. I want you to keep offering the same raw love you gave me and your new found self but never forget, you as an individual, are the most important person in your life and no one should ever make you forget that. Thank you for the love we shared. I’m so proud of the growth we’ve accomplished over this past year. Take it easy, you’ve got your whole life to live, so live it big guy.