Because You Love Me, Too

Subject: Because You Love Me, Too
From: J. Markham
Date: 7 Dec 2015


If I stayed quiet now I’d surely regret it on Christmas day, when I thank those dearest to my heart for bringing joy into my life. Before we met I was content, but in a twist of fate you opened my eyes to goodness I never knew I needed.

If being in love with you was simply a choice, how simple would we have become? We never would’ve grown intertwined, or supported each other as beacons at the end of a hard day. Grace has cradled us in curious yet delightful moments meeting our families, on a picnic blanket in my apartment, bumping heads at the Parthenon, and of course that night in April when my heart nearly beat out of my chest. Do you remember the night we met? Your laugh and the warmth of your heart turned me starry-eyed; I forgot the color of your dress (royal blue).

Like anything beautiful in life, when a man loves a woman the transformation of his heart is never black & white. It’s filled with faith and devotion unjustified by words, affirming that he’s arrived at a place from his dreams.

For once in this life I’ve shared unconditional love- true love, with an elegant woman and felt the Spirit reverberate within my bones. I would sooner be married to the salt and the sea, swallowed in the melody of your voice, than spend one minute resting on the shores of solitude.

Everyday since January 15, you’ve shown me the difference between just being happy, and being complete in my heart & soul. Being apart is a searing twinge, but I wouldn’t trade seats with anyone in the cosmos.

Have a merry Christmas, Rachel. I like to imagine that your blanket will take your grandmother’s breath away, and that your entire family will be in good health.

With love, Jack