Baby Licence

Subject: Baby Licence
Date: 1 Oct 2017

... we have licence for everything , the moment we are born it is a start of the paperwork trail only to follow us till the day we die

interestingly enough one of the most important roles of the humanity is to sustain and continue its own existance , in saying so it was making sense ling time ago ... but now!?

well the human race has changed

we are not all fit to reproduce and the false sense of freedom we all have is only more confusing because we need licence and approval every step of the way in our lifes but when it comes to bringing a human life in to this world that will be the future ... well things start getting more complicated and we all got it wrong

firstly we are not free its an illusion we are granted by " them"

the reason we can all have babies left right and centre is because "they" have allowed us and "they" need "workers" ,
nitjing short if sci fi movies ... check one and its not far fetched

secondly it makes me sick to see babies being pushed by their mothers who are not suitable to look after them selfs yet alone to bring the child

progress , better life , conquering the out of Earth other planets ... stars ... having established and wirkimg with other civilisations in galaxy ... yet the very basic of our existance is purpously neglected
just eatch movie idiocracy , that is where we are heading!

licence to have a child
that is the future of human race

we have kicence for everything else!?
it will save this planet and bring chance for a future

Stop!!!before its too late!!! if we act now
maybe just maybe we will still be in existance in the future