Attention PEACEFUL Patriot Protesters: 10 Tips & Traps to avoid arrest and stay off the the government's watch list and databases - Protect Your Privacy!

Subject: Attention PEACEFUL Patriot Protesters: 10 Tips & Traps to avoid arrest and stay off the the government's watch list and databases - Protect Your Privacy!
From: A former federal agent and military veteran
Date: 8 Feb 2022

Attention All Protesters: Pay attention to the below tips and traps whenever you are within 2 miles of a protest site or you will be identified, hunted and jailed by the Gestapo regimes of Biden and Trudeau without bail for a year or more - just for exercising your constitutional rights as citizens to PEACEFUL assembly and public protest. If you are not a "peaceful" protester, you can stop reading now.

[1] Do NOT use your credit card anywhere within 3 miles of the protest site

[2] Wear sunglasses, a mask, and baseball cap at protest to avoid facial recognition

[3] Change color of baseball ball hat every hour

[4] Do NOT bring your cell phone within 3 miles of the protest site unless you have burner SIM card and Signal encryption app installed to avoid Stingray surveillance. Turning off your phone does not protect you unless you remove the battery.

[5] Park your vehicle at least 3 miles away from protest site since police will be collecting license plate numbers.

[6] If you stay in a hotel, pay cash and use a fake name, again - at least 3 miles away. Take a bus or taxi to the protest site.

[7] To be extra careful, wear a reversible coat/jacket with two contrasting colors.

[8] If you are carrying a protest sign, exchange it with another protester every 2-3 hours.

[9] Walk with a limp, or bring a collapsible cane that you use every 4 hours.

[10] Do not taunt nor provoke police. They are not policy makers and are just doing their job. But take a video of any police that abuse their authority and get their badge number or close up of their face.

IF you are an organizer of a protest, keep it peaceful and BEWARE of paid infiltrators sent to discredit or smear your protest by creating violence. You can spot them quickly if they carry NAZI flags or racist signs like "White Power". If someone starts throwing rocks, water bottles, etc at the authorities jump on them immediately and take their ID card and mail it back to them the next day after you take a photocopy of it.

BTW... In 40 states FACIAL RECOGNITION is illegal without your consent. Never sign any consent forms related to your privacy even if do nothing wrong or illegal. Why? See and be prepared to be outraged.

Leaders of any protests should all buy FSR radios (like Uniden 50 mile model) which cannot be traced to users, has encryption and 3 double AA batteries will last 3 days). Unlike cell phones they cannot be tracked or monitored unless they physically take one away from your leaders. You can get them on Amazon (2 for $99) There are many similar models but I found this model to have exceptional range and clarity WITH ENCRYPTION CODES. Motorola is the best but twice the price.

Be prepared for tear gas (you can buy an Army surplus mask with two canisters) for about $100. Authorities may also use fire hoses, so pack a portable poncho. Just look for an Army/Navy surplus store closest to you.

Do not bring any guns or weapons or drugs to the protest site or you will be charged with felony crimes if captured. You can bring a paintball gun with extra C02 cylinders and at least 1,000 paint-balls. Why? If surveillance drones get to close to you, you can shoot them out of the sky. Also, if you are beaten, kicked, or dragged by police officers, you can mark them with a paintball, because they will surely have their badges covered. You can also use the paintball gun as self defense.

If captured, you will be questioned. By law, you have no obligation to answer any questions and you should not say anything more than "I want a lawyer". Do not be fooled with false promises that you will be released after you answer a dozen simple questions" You will not be released unless you appear before a judge and he gives you bail.

Lastly, be very careful when talking with other protester you meet for the first time. If they introduce themselves do not give your real name or mobile number unless you have mutual friends that can vouch for them. No, I am not being paranoid. These days all protests have undercover cops sent in posing as fellow-protesters to collect "intelligence" Search online for the story of "Ray Epps FBI protests" to see just how far they will go. GOOD LUCK stay safe and unidentified! Thank you for your patriotic service. Hopefully your patriotism is contagious!

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