Aquanda Rebouche

Subject: Aquanda Rebouche
From: the girl from colorado
Date: 4 Nov 2023

my world went from happy as long as i was with you- to dark, depressing and constant wondering why you ghosted me after 7+ years. You cannot even fathom what you did to my heart, my mind and my soul, feeling as if my body had been drained and left empty with no explanation. What you did to me was cold blooded, and nearly killed me. I never in a million years thought you could be so cruel. I loved you so much that it blinded me and didnt allow me to see that side of you. I loved you so much that it drove me crazy, you drove me crazy. You were all i had, and all i wanted, and when we would fight , it wasnt me being mad at you, it was me being mad at the situation. My world revolved around you. Its now 2023 and youre in my thoughts almost daily. I wished you werent but you were part of the best years of my life, my life that i miss. Somehow I found the strength to get out of colorado and start over. Faked my smile, hid my broken heart, pretended i was ok, focused on me. Turned my life completely around, and i'm living a great life. i cannot complain. So thank you for ditching me, bc had you not did what you did to me- i wouldnt have gotten my shit together, bought a house, a new car etc and am going on 16 years with my current employer. I dont hate you, i'm just disappointed. I miss you to the point it sometimes hurts. I still love you and want the best for you and i want you to know that i'm here if you ever need anything, and i mean anything. I would like to at least be adult enough that we could be friends. People arent disposable in my world, and if nothing else Tracy, I at least deserve an explanation as to why you ditched me like you did, it would give me closure and hopefully end the mental torture its put me through, and at the same time, my soul misses its mate.