To Anyone Who Cares

Subject: To Anyone Who Cares
From: One Lost Soul
Date: 3 Jul 2017

I'm depressed, that's been a factor in my life for years now and I'm not getting better. This isn't a joke, a plea for help, or a selfish little kid whining about not getting ice cream. This is my life and my choice to end it. You might wonder why I'd even bother posting something like this on the web, after all why not just go slit my wrists in the tub and leave everyone the hell alone? But I want to say my piece, and I'll be damned if I go without a fight on my part against these demons. This is a real issue and it affects millions upon millions of people. I feel like no one cares about me, like I'm not loved and that I have no reason to exist on this beautiful beautiful planet. Why would a useless being be created? To hurt others? To be another worthless air thief? I'd rather go on my own terms rather than this world tearing me apart at the seams. I just want anyone at all to remember that everybody has a soul and that we all deseve mutual respect and love. After all, if someone did that for me I might have wanted to live. Sincerely, One Lost Soul