To anybody who thinks that Revenge is a good thing

Subject: To anybody who thinks that Revenge is a good thing
Date: 23 Feb 2017

I am currently in a British Literature class and I was given an assignment to read a play and I wasn’t too thrilled that I got a play written by Shakespeare because I can’t understand what he is saying but the play that I got was Hamlet and it’s about a young adult named Hamlet whose father was murdered and he’s trying to figure out who killed his father. Then a Ghost of his father showed up and told Hamlet who killed him. So throughout the story Hamlet was investigating the person who killed his father and to see what the ghost said was true.

While I was reading the book I saw a lot of hostile revenge so that’s the topic I choose to write about the thought of revenge. In the play when Hamlet was talking to the ghost and the ghost talks to him about his father’s killer and Hamlet decided that he must get revenge and this kind of relates to the fact that people want to get revenge because of a loved one was murdered. A quote in the story that relates to revenge was when Hamlet was talking to himself and inspecting his sword was when he said ““A villain kills my father, and for that I, his sole son, do this same villain send to heaven.” Act 3, Scene 3, pg. 167. This quote is meaning that Hamlet wants to get kill the person that murdered his father and that he must get his revenge. Another quote in the story that relates to revenge is when he was forcing the poison down his father’s murderer down his mouth ““Here thou, incestuous, (murd’rous) damnèd Dane, Drink off this potion. Is (thy union) here?” Act 5, Scene 2, pg. 281. This quote is meaning that Hamlet is trying to kill the person that murdered his father.

When I play video games I feel a little hostile to people who are jerks in the game. One time while Overwatch whenever I keep getting killed by the same person over and over and I can angry really fast and feel like I need to get rid of this person fast so I can feel better and so my stress level won’t go up any higher. After I finally got rid of the jerk that kept killing me I felt satisfied but while I was trying to get my revenge my teammate were the only ones moving the objective and then we would lose the game. Then after the game is finished I think about was I right to leave my teammates just to get my revenge on one person that kept killing me.

I am writing this open letter to the people who think that revenge is a good thing and that it is justified. Revenge is not always the answer because it can change your personality and affect your state of mind. In an article that I read they did an experiment with two groups where one group earned more money than the other and the group that didn’t get much money decided to get revenge on the group that earned more money and after they got revenge they felt worse about themselves. These people that deiced to get revenge felt terrible and regretted that they took revenge. An event that I read about was there was really bad revenge was when American soldiers saw a rail car was full of corpses and the Americans took action and machine-gunned and executed 500 SS soldiers. These American soldiers weren’t ordered to execute the soldiers and this is where revenge can cloud up a person’s mind and make them do some unjustified actions. A few TV shows that I watch deal with revenge sometimes where the main’s protagonist lover has died and the he/she wants to get revenge on the person that killed their loved one. While watching these shows sometimes I question if their revenge was justified or not and see if they regret taking revenge.

The purpose of this letter is convince people that revenge is not a good thing and that it is not justified. Revenge is not always the answer because it can affect the state of your mind, it can cloud up your decision making and choose to do the wrong thing, and it could change your personality in a very bad way.

After reading the book Hamlet, at first I wasn’t too thrilled about reading the play but after reading a few Scenes I started to understand Hamlets troubles and his desire for revenge. In the real world I know that revenge is a major issue within our world and that revenge is the cause for most of the problems between countries or within the states. Revenge is not always the answer make sure you ask yourself am “I doing the right thing?”.