To any one who cares for others

Subject: To any one who cares for others
From: Andrew Rogers-Clark
Date: 1 Nov 2019

Dear people with physical disabilities

I don't understand but I can imagine that you can’t move or have trouble moving and people might see you as a burden and it can be hard to hear that but I don't think that.I hope that you have a good caretaker or that people are kind to you because I know that people can be cruel this isn’t okay. Care takers shouldn't be in it for the money they should care for you because they care for you! My mom has seen this before she was giving a massage for one of her patients and her caretaker was so cruel to her she said that she wouldn't help her get out of the wheelchair and wouldn't help her in general and said “I didn't sign up for this” and was so just mean to the woman. I imagine it’s hard not being in control of your body and you might feel like your trapped inside a little box and I think you feel this way because no one looks at you like your normal they see you as a person who always need help but I see you as a normal person who deserves better than this, you should be seen as a human and not a burden. Now I know that not everyone with a physical disability can’t move and people will still be mean or will assume that you don't have a disability like if you park in a handicap spot and someone gets angry at you when really you have to because of your disability this isn't okay, this happened to my friend's dad, who was accused of parking in a handicap spot and said they shouldn't do that but really he needed to park there, this is not okay people should not assume. Now it would make sense if you were to talk to some who doesn’t have the handicap card in their car but make sure to be kind and don't assume they aren't handicap just be kind and nice about. I think this whole letter is important for people to realize that it isn't always easy to be in this situation and get out of it and I think that people if you know someone in this situation you should talk to them and just be there for them because I can imagine that it gets hard. I Hope this letter helped you in some way because sometimes just hearing that someone cares for you and sees that it might be hard is enough to get through that hard day or week.