To the anon who came for me

Subject: To the anon who came for me
From: z
Date: 3 Oct 2018

dear anon,

why you gotta call me out like that. first of all, I'm so glad I have like no followers because if anyone witnessed that I totally would have gotten canceled, had to delete my blog, then crawl into a hole and die. but seriously why do people always do this to me. I try to have a positive blog and use my time on this earth to bring attention to issues people dont care about and the second I do something wrong is the only time people notice me.

alright. so I guess I dont know a lot about all the types of privilege. I get that white privilege is a thing and I promise you I understand ableism and neurotypical privilege but I guesssssss theres more to learn. later on when I was home alone and super bored I did actually go and read that article and shit there are more types of privilege than I thought. I read some other stuff online too and I see what you're saying about that post I reblogged. imma delete it from my blog tomorrow.

but in my defense I'm literally from the middle of nowhere, and my neighborhood is pretty much all middle/upper class white people. idk how to even be more aware when I cant experience shit in this town. maybe when I leave home I'll figure out exactly what you meant. there was no need to embarrass me on my own blog like that though :/

thanks I guess,