America, You Evicted Him

Subject: America, You Evicted Him
From: Diane Johnson
Date: 24 Jun 2017

I write to you today with a heart full of grief overshadowed by burdensome pain. I am awestruck by the hate filled trouble and destruction that's taking place around the world. In my observation it appears as though the ozone layer has kidnapped a cloud of significantly destructive negative energy holding it captive with no chance of cooperation when it comes to releasing it.

First, the Bible speaks of these things so they're supposed to happen with no avoidance. But America, you didn't have to take it as far as you have--you've chosen to evict God from almost all of your business.The Pandora's box of chaos that includes, amongst other things, anger, bitterness, and hatred that's dividing America is visually evident in the area of law enforcement; the very ones responsible for appropriating peace within the population is causing its brutal downfall. I also see some of the same things happening in the political offices.

Second, America is one of the most abundantly blessed, advanced, liberated and resourceful nations in the world who has been granted such grace by God and you just opened the "doors and windows" and threw Him out. How dare you. How dare this nation to even be able to find the nerve or ramble around their wicked hearts only to find the audacity to stand up and deny God the right to be present in the small haven that He created. Who do you think you are America? Evicting God! I suppose next you'll try to take the Bible and throw it away. I'm appalled at you and I'm more than certain that God is displeased and disappointed.

Third, let me tell you something; the things that are taking place in this country and all over the globe are just the beginning, it's going to get worse. If you've thrown your key away or even hid it out of sight I suggest that you find it quickly and unlock every door that you threw Him out of and invite Him back inside. Better still, approach Him, kneel in His presence with a repentant heart and escort Him into every area of your existence and physical being. After a while our lives are going to be similar to a ship on the high seas. Right now the water is disturbed and choppy but turmoil that includes exclusively higher tides await. I don't know about anyone else for certain but I need a navigator who doesn't grow tired or weary, who never sleeps nor slumbers to get me through the long night that's standing by. America, stop trying to sensationalize, glorify, spotlight, and illuminate each other in search of guidance and a lit pathway in life. What's the significance of looking for a beacon to behold when the light that we need has already made Himself available for us and to us; all one has to do is seek Him ask Him, accept Him, and trust in Him.

Take this open letter for what it is, America---a final warning. I encourage you to retract the offensive "Dear John letter" you threw at God when you tossed Him out into the street. Retract, repent, and prepare. If you already have God in your life, you're blessed, stay blessed and if not I ask that you consider making a change. Look upwards as you search for the light and I'm more than sure you'll find what you seek.

God Bless You With Much Agape Love,
His Lady In Waiting,
Diane J.

My closing prayer:
"Dear Lord, please don't ever leave me. If I'm ever wrong or I error in my ways chastise and reprimand me but please Lord don't ever rebuke and leave me. I need You, I want You now more than ever before but my Lord, almighty the world needs You."