America For Sale

Subject: America For Sale
From: klittle
Date: 19 Sep 2022

Thank You, Stacy Abrams.
When you think that politics has reached it's lowest level in America
the politicians find a way to prove us wrong. Joe Biden said in his campaign that a vote for him would give every working American $2000.00( which turned out not to be the exact truth). But on Sunday a news article was released that said that her " Stacy Abrams" Political Action committee was going to donate $1.4 million dollars to pay medical bills for the "Poor", affecting 63K people in Georgia. Might I remind the people of Georgia that she lost the last Gubernatorial election by about 50K votes ? If this is not Gerrymandering (IE. Vote buying) then what is? She said and I quote " I am going to take the state surplus money and distribute it to all the poor people in Georgia.
Sadly I think that many Georgians will buy into this as free money, but the surplus came from the middle class tax payers, and if there is a refund it should be distributed to every Georgian equally not just to the poor people.
It's time to put an end to the Gerrymandering and vote buying, and we can do this by not voting for anyone who says they are going to give us "FREE" money.