Subject: Alone
Date: 23 Oct 2018

Do you ever feel like you are all alone? Like nobody cares or atleasts not the people you want to care the most. Well that is how I felt, I felt all alone. Do you think this is how a lone wolf feels when the pack rejects it, he knows they are still there and they know he is but they still reject him. Force him to go off on his own, make him fend for himself. Hunt, protect himself, and noone to keep him company. Far to many people have this feeling and I was among them, waiting and hoping one day I would be able to find a pack that will except me and find one I would belong in.

What did I do? What did I turn to? I listened to music, it helped more than anyone could possibly imagine. I listened to all kinds of music, from country to Metal to rap to opera to disney theme songs. Whatever helped or sounded good that day. So from me to you try it out, listen to music, play a sport, play video games. Whatever helps you I promise there is someone out there that you will connect with.

Sometimes it’s crazy that the people that care the most are complete strangers. But they care anyways, why? Why does it take a stranger to come into your life and make everything better but the people that supposedly “care” never try to help? It doesn’t make any sense to me, you can do everything right or atleast try to anyways and try your hardest to be there for everyone else! But as soon as something shitty happens to you and your world feels like it’s collapsing in on you nobody is there…

It blows my mind it really does. But don’t let it get to you, don’t let people’s blindness or negligence bother you because those people are not worth your heart break or your tears. You are gonna want to wonder why they don’t care, why you aren’t worth their time. Let me tell you you are worth it and so what they don’t care, you don’t need them if they won’t take the time to ask what is wrong, or pay enough attention to realize something isn’t right. Then they don’t deserve you. There are people out there that will care and that will want to help you. You just got to get out and go find them, and I don’t mean go searching to find them. All I mean is Find what makes you happy and do it and then you will find those people that care and that want to be there for you.

If you feel alone and you have noone to talk to, I will drop my email at the bottom of this just email me! I will check it every night so I will get to you the day you email me. I hope to hear from you guys!

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