Allison, You Have Been Misguided.

Subject: Allison, You Have Been Misguided.
From: Allison
Date: 4 Sep 2014

Hi Allison. You Have Been Misguided.

I read your article and it sucks. In 2050 you may have a “decorated career in advertising” with a “track record of success,” but that won’t matter to you as much as it did in 2014 when envisioning 2050.

I want to remind you that 36 years isn’t a lifetime away; in fact, it’s right around the corner. In your article, future-Allison rambles on about working her way up the advertising ranks and churning out work for the biggest clients. I’m here to tell you that in 2050 that will no longer be as precious to you.

Your article claims that you want to “make a big splash” or “disrupt the natural order of things.” Stop aspiring for what your future is supposed to be. Future-Allison might have some shining moments, but that’s not all she’s about. You’ll have more in 2050 than you could ever imagine now and it won’t always revolve around you and your work.

Your article about you in 2050 is how a 30-year-old-you sees a 66-year old-you. At this very moment you’re less than halfway there, so I forgive you for not quite getting it right.

A 66-Year-Old Allison Apperson