African american woman whether prefer to caucasian men interracial relationships

Subject: African american woman whether prefer to caucasian men interracial relationships
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 19 Sep 2020

As a black guy it's offensive to me that a lot of black women whether be in a relationship married to whites guys instead of standing in their face sucks. I have to say their a lot of good guys black and white just saying that these fine intelligence African American woman seems to end in a relationship with white guys some black even prefer to be with older white men older enough to be their father! To all you black guys you need to start treating woman with more respect their fore you want lose them to white guys! Just sucks seeing some fine attractive African American or muracial woman whether they're politics news media sports etc ending up turning to whites older white guys enough of this sh*t black men need to start treating black women with more respect &dignity treat them equal or more black woman will to turn to these cocky old farts white men just saying!although some of these woman are full of themselves thinking their better whether it's education wealth smarts etc especially those in politics &news media. You black woman need to give black guys respect not thinking you're better than them etc!I'm not hating can't blame white guys for having good taste hot looking African American woman that got back incredible body &smarts ! Personally I have a real issue of interracial relationships whether it's white men in relationships with blacks or vice versa black men preferring white women personally it sucks to me it basically saying that black guys is no good to fine African American women or black women isn't good enough for black men instead black women & black men &black women prefer vanilla cream over their coffee instead of dark strong coffee interracial relationships just disgust me or maybe it's my issues either interracial relationships sucks!