You Need Help Now

Subject: You Need Help Now
From: JR Strickland
Date: 3 Oct 2019

I am sick of you judging me. Every word I say, every action I take you misconstrue to fit your own psychotic paradigm. You emotionally rape me and then crucify me for being who I am, for being intelligent, for seeking to communicate with you. Everything in me wants to give up on you, to obliterate you, to kick you out of my life permanently.

I can't be around you any more. Enough. Enough of you psychotic games, your continued willingness to harm me because I can't and wont meet your exacerbating and unrealistic expectations of answering your text 5 seconds after you send it or giving you all of my attention or allowing you to dictate what I do on any social media platform. You are not in charge of me and have NO say what I do in my life.

You are no longer allowed to be near my son. You are a sick and dangerous person. You have to get help immediately or you will get worse. You will damage your daughter beyond recognition. You will harm your grandchildren. You will harm yourself. I have to stop you. I am ethically obligated to stop you.

Change or I will call DSS. I will IVC you. I will stop you if I have to. I will save you. Save yourself before you can't.

I love you. And you're hurting me. Please stop hurting me now.

I love you.