You Might Have Been

Subject: You Might Have Been
From: My Mind
Date: 6 May 2019

A lot of times I cannot help but still think of what we have before. I knew within myself that those were for real. But as time passed we slipped what we had for each other, and somehow there something inside me that felt a regret, that if I have had waited a little longer, we might have been with each other’s arm right now. It is funny how life brought us together, those happy moments that we shared were never forgotten, I still remember I had the feeling of happiness, each time you message me or when I see you. But we had this special bond that you and me share, bickering is what we always do. I haven’t thought about it, but a lot of times in the past, you actually treated me specially.In my heart, it gave me an excitement but in mu mind, I knew you would never like me as me. I would be honest with you, that I have had always liked you for you. But that feeling I tried to shove it off, I know there was no hope. Now I have my family, but still everytime I see your name on my screen, my heart flutters, and I do not know why, I know it’s wrong. That’s why I will always keep this to myself, maybe there will be a time I can tell you this, but I don’t know how.