To You

Subject: To You
From: Gi
Date: 31 Oct 2018

I am not really sure whether I should or not… but I want to say some things to you.

I've known about you since you came here.

Everything I've got to understand you is based entirely on the activities that you took part in at the club, sometimes on your moments in games; no more, no less. Believe me, I have no idea where you grew up exactly, what are your hobbies in detail, etc. The earliest impression you had on me was when I saw you in your first competitive match. I felt something different in your face. Just like that. With time, you became more familiar to me and I was fond of you the way I am of the others. Watching the Rapid Fire you first did was great fun, I loved the atmosphere both of you brought out. It was also when I could articulate what made your face different to me: the relatability. I could totally imagine you sitting next to me as a friend or an acquaintance, which is not the case with anyone else whom I have never met. Since then, I kept that image about you as part of your identity in my eyes.

Six months ago, something changed. All the moments, all the small things that you had showed, that I had felt led to a clear feeling. I think I found that one person. The one person for me. It's the same at this precise point.

I can't explain it to you well enough, certainly; after all, you don't know me. I, however, know what in you got me to trust and what in the end truly touched me.
Thank you for reading this.

(Will you do me one last favour? Can't you get your head around all of it, please skip replying. There's no need. Just leave it be. I'll understand.)
Appreciate your time and consideration. I hope that at any point in the future, I will still be seeing you as the person, the player you've always been.