Words Are Not Enough.

Subject: Words Are Not Enough.
From: The One
Date: 8 Oct 2016

Well Hi,

It's late at night and I'm laying here, longing for your arms to be wrapped around me just because of the way they keep me safe. Longing to hear your heart beat, just because of the way it speeds up and slows down. Longing to feel the forehead kiss from you, just because it's the last thing I feel before I drift off into sleep. Some times it all feels like a dream until I wake up and realize you're still here. It's real. The way you make me feel is real. And it's deeper than any love that I've ever experienced.

I've hurt. I've cried. I've been torn and stomped on numerous times. But it was all because the wrong people had my love. You take my love and turn it into this energy that fills a whole room. You turn everything into bliss.

Now I know you're not perfect. I know you have flaws. But they are nothing when I'm looking at your heart. A heart that wants to give love and makes others feel loved.

God, you are just so amazing. I can't help but think, what would I do without you in my life? What if you never came back? What if we were never us again? You make me, me. I am not me without you. You are the most important puzzle piece in the grand scheme of things.

One day I hope to marry you. I hope to be on a dance floor with just you, looking at you and thinking of all these things. You'll never understand how much you truly mean to me. To you this may all be too much. It may be too sappy. But that's okay because they're my thoughts. But words are not enough. They will never be enough. Not for me anyway. I'll just have to show you how much I love you by staying here by your side. With you. Just you. Always.

I love you.