a wonderful boy

Subject: a wonderful boy
From: from me to you
Date: 3 Jun 2019

dear elvis(dont laug at his name)

ok, here goes. i didnt know what you were like at the begging of thi year. i knew you were cute. i thought you were a bit of a popular kid so i coined you an ass. bad choice. if i had befriended you she never would have been your best friend. i would have known about the 200 scars on your back. i could have held you and cried for you. she told you that crying make syou weak. i know it makes life harder if you hold it in. this is clische but you deserve better than her. not that that is me. its not. im a mess. but im worse now you are gone. your bitch of a mother hurt you so bad you had to move 1354 miles away. this is how i know you shouldnt love her, she wanted you to stay. wanted you to stay in a house of abuse and pain so she could see the pretty boy she thinks you are. i understand why you cant come back. but i cant ay i dont feel as if you are dead. if this is waht grieving is like i want to die before anyone i love does. i miss you elvis. and if anyone in the new town you live in makes fun of your name, tell me and i will dive there and show them they are wrong. dont doubt that, i miss you. i love you. i will die for you happily.

-the girl who messaged you on valintines day.