To the woman who slept with my husband

Subject: To the woman who slept with my husband
From: A shell of my former self
Date: 9 Jun 2016

There are many of you. Some of you know me. Some of you don’t. You don’t know each other, but you all have something in common. You have had sex with my husband while he was married to me. Some of you were one night stands.
He told elaborate tales of how he had just come back from war. In reality he was living off of me at the time and had never deployed and got kicked out of the Air Force after three years because he had a hard time following orders. Some of you knew me. He spun tall tales about how I was mean to him. In reality, I did everything for him. He contributed nothing. He couldn’t even get himself to work on time and would get angry when I woke him in the mornings.
I knew he flirted, but I wanted so desperately to believe that his words were true. “I would never cheat on someone. I’ve been cheated on and I know how much that hurts.” He not only lied to me, but he lied to you. You are not the only one. There are fifteen of you in total, and he remembers more every couple of months. He has blocked most of you out because he’s so ashamed.
You felt pretty and seductive because the married man slept with you, but in reality he did it because he is sick. This man that told you that you are special, beautiful, nice, sexy, etc. only said these things so that you would sleep with him. This is the same man who had unprotected sex with a complete stranger then came home and had sex with his wife who was eight months pregnant all the while telling his pregnant wife that he loved her, she was beautiful, etc. This is the same man that at twenty-seven fingered a sixteen year old child and had her perform oral sex on him. Unfortunately, this occurred in South Dakota where the legal age of consent is sixteen. How sad that it is legal for a twenty-seven year old man to have sex with a sixteen year old child! Do you still feel pretty and seductive for having sex with a pervert? If you do, it’s because you are just as sick and need professional help.