To The Woman I Love

Subject: To The Woman I Love
From: Your Bisexual Boyfriend
Date: 14 Jan 2019

Babe, I know I've fucked up so many times including a while ago. But sweetie please don't block me in your life again. I know I have these sexual tendencies and urges you don't like. But baby, I never cheated on you. Yes I watch porn and masturbate. But that's only that.

We've talked about it several times now. And I know you don't like it when I do so. But baby believe me, it's a normal thing for me. It's just my own way of release from public eye and social tension. At least that's what it is to me now.

Babe, please understand. Please try to be more understanding. I love you so much and I don't ever want to lose you because of this. Babe, I know how to control it ok? Believe me. I won't make it a hindrance in my life or even in our relationship. Babe please don't think that just because I watch porn and masturbate I become less of a follower of God or become bad. Coz that's not true. I'm still me babe no matter what.

I perfectly know about my wild fantasies and fetishes. But babe, I would never act on those things in reality. I would never try to hurt you nor sexually assault anyone. Please babe. Try to understand.

It occurred to me that this isn't actually a bad habit that I have to overcome or forget. It's something I just have to live with. And I hope you can too. Babe? My love for you doesn't diminish by the fact that I kept failing on keeping my promise to turn away from watching porn nor masturbating.

I wanna keep you. I wanna keep us. Please allow me to continue loving you and have our relationship even if I'm being like this. I love you babe. And that would never change.