To the Woman I Hate

Subject: To the Woman I Hate
From: The girl of whom you ruined a childhood
Date: 15 Aug 2015

Hello, I wanted to write this open letter to/about you because you have taken the best part of my childhood and ripped it to shreds.

If this message does someday reach you, I want you to know that I have no regrets about writing this, why would I? Im not being childish, I just want people to know that there is a woman in this world who has brought extreme pain to my life and I have never had a chance to share this with anyone until now. So please read on and enjoy.

I have absolutely no doubt or remorse in my heart when I say I hate you. You are the most sick, twisted, violent excuse for a woman I have ever had the displeasure to lay my eyes on. You drive to my house in the middle of the night and assault my own mother, you say on multiple occasions that you wish I were to, and I quote, "drop off a cliff" (at that particular moment, and for many moments over the past 8 or so years, I have wanted more than anything to drop off a cliff which is mainly down to you so thanks for that).

You use your own children as weapons which is quite frankly disgusting, you are constantly in need of money because you childishly spend all of the money you get (which is more than enough to cover your important bills *cough cough* rent *cough cough*) on useless crap that you really don't need.

It's because of this that you are, at the moment I am writing this, about to get kicked out of your own house which amuses me immensely. What doesn't amuse me at all however, is the fact that it is your duty to care for three children (two of which are my half siblings whom I care about unconditionally) and you have foolishly decided to not give a rat's arse about whether or not they have a roof over their head and, although I am a lowly 15-year-old who has no experience looking after three children 24/7, I'm pretty sure that that's absolutely horrific parenting on your part and I feel sorry for those poor children growing up with you as a mother.

Believe me, it would be my pleasure to throw insults and death threats at you all day long (just as you did to me) and point out even more of the vile, awful things you have done throughout the 8 years I have known you but I won't. The reason why is that I actually still have some respect for you like the rational, well-raised human being I consider myself to be.

Although you have made me feel levels of anger and longing to hit somebody in the face with a chair I didn't even know we're humanly possible, you are a human being and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I unnecessarily hurled abuse and cheap insults at you when it really isn't worth it. My aim for this is simply to express clearly to my family, the world and yourself exactly why I bear a gargantuan grudge against you.

I know I have insulted and humiliated you, but my motives are much different to yours. I'm doing this because, well, karma. You kind of deserve this because you've basically ruined over half of my life so there is that to consider. Your motives on the other hand, are purely to hurt people because you can't handle the fact you can't have what you want. Also I fear that if I went on much longer about you, I would be physically sick which is always something I like to avoid. :)

Side note: if you are a stranger and you have no idea who I am, hello ^.^.

If you've read this incredibly long message all the way through thank you. It means you've listened (well, read) things I've wanted to voice out for a really long time and it means a lot that you've actually done that.

I hope you haven't got the wrong end of the stick and think I'm some sort of cow who just throws shade at people I don't like because I don't want you to think that at all, it's purely just this one person whom, as you've probably gathered by now, I have a deep disregard for.

I know that she is just one person in eight or so billion but I just wanted people to listen to what I had to say for once in my life which is really great and I love you for that, random stranger <3

Now, please go and have an absolutely awesome rest of your life.