To The Woman He Loves After Me

Subject: To The Woman He Loves After Me
Date: 12 Sep 2017

I hope you know you're lucky, even if you feel as if you aren't I hope one day you understand you are lucky to be in his life. Make sure you make him feel special. It's the little things he gets happy about. If he's playing ANYTHING, watch him play his game, like really watch him, he'll talk a lot while playing the game, and he'll expect you to listen and respond about it. He wants you to pay attention and get into the game with him. He loves it. He gets mad very easy, he wont mean to take it out on you, but sometimes it happens. When it does happen don't make him feel like shit about it. He'll most times punch things and yell about everything. Leave him alone, he'll come back and he'll explain to you that he's sorry, that he didn't mean to get so angry and definitely that he didn't mean to do it in front of you. He has trust issues, but he isn't a monster about it. Reassure him that you don't want anyone but him. Let him do what he wants, if he wants to go spend the weekend with his best friend and not talk to you all weekend, let him. If you don't you'll slowly start to lose him. If you make him mad and he refuses to talk to you, don't blow him up, he'll get mad and possibly leave. H