Why You Should Not Participate in Kenya's 26 October Elections

Subject: Why You Should Not Participate in Kenya's 26 October Elections
From: Free Citizen of Kenya
Date: 21 Oct 2017

As a loyal patriot, a law-abiding citizen, a peace-observing tax-payer, and a person who chooses to respect the constitution of Kenya, I cannot participate in, or give credence to another sham election in this country.

I will not deter, or obstruct you on 26th October if you go ahead and take part in an "election", but I will tell you now, while there is still hope for the Kenya we have hoped for since 2002, that we do not have to do elections wrong; we are not like that, and we are past that, and there is nothing stopping us from doing elections the right way. Participating in an election on 26th October under an incapable I.E.B.C. will be to give away your right to a free and fair Kenya, in which you shall have no say thereafter.

If you, your elder or late family members, relatives, friends or neighbors suffered under the police/military state that Kenya was before 2002 elections, you will know that the regime going by the name KANU which mis-governed Kenya under ex-president Moi for 24 years, was based on the false legitimacy of multiple sham elections which were rigged, one-sided, fake, lawless and unconstitutional. Any government birthed in such a process cannot be fair, transparent, accountable, lawful or constitutional. It will operate outside the law.

To disregard our legal, un-adulterated constitution is to place yourself above the law it represents. To modify the 2010 constitution so you can maneuver around it, is to place yourself above the same law that you are supposed to uphold.

The Moi led regime did exactly that, and ran this society to the ground.

The free and fair Kenya that we have all been trying to create since his departure in 2002 is now under threat, and you, the 26th October voter, is its greatest threat right now. If you choose to vote on 26 October, your right to vote will be used to place you under unjust governance, and once you place injustice over yourself, it will use and abuse you and your children rightfully, because it will be operating under your own permission.

As you proceed to go ahead and vote, please prepare yourself to live in 5-years of a government led blindly in darkness, and do not complain during the rightful suffering it will bring you. We have been there and seen that, and we are simply here to warn you that it is as close to hell-on-earth as an abused country can be; because of you October 26 voter, Kenya will be ruled instead of governed, just like Chad, Cameroun, Togo, Gabon, South Korea, Myanmar and any other country that you can name, currently suffering under an unconstitutional regime.

The current killings of those who say no to un-constitutionalism, including women and children, is just a rehearsal. If you take part in an unconstitutional election, the resulting government will misgovern your affairs, misuse your life, your money and other resources, police you around, torture you, imprison you without fair trial and turn a deaf ear to your cries for justice.

If you are going vote on 26 October, your power to decide expires in a few days. Use the only few days you have left now, to exercise your power while you still have it, to make the right decision not to legitimize sham elections by participating in them.

If you do not vote on 26 October you will retain your right as a free Kenyan, who decides the best way that Kenya should be managed, and all Kenyan politicians will finally understand that you are their employer and their pay-master by way of your taxes. These politicians will understand that 300 individuals in parliament must respect the constitution that governs 40-million+ Kenyans, and a few of them will not dare to propose self-centered amendments that will ruin this nation's freedom, independence and prosperity.

Criminals and cartels still operate freely in Kenya; this is because they survive under the cover of politicians whom you as a voter have empowered in previous elections. These cartels do not fear 300 politicians, and they do not respect you, your country or your constitution. If the cartels know that 40-million Kenyans do not want them here, they will flee, and you my fellow Kenyan will take back control of your own country, and all politicians will be forced to abide by the law.

Please do not vote on October 26, do not stop anyone from voting either, because it is unconstitutional to stop crime using crime. Let this sham elections fail on its own accord, as it is already destined to so that politicians may respect us Kenyans and start obeying the constitution to allow the establishment of a free and fair I.E.B.C. as per the pre-amended post October 2017 constitutional rules of elections, so that it may arrange an election that all Kenyans can participate in with a clear conscience.

All that Kenya needs right now for lasting peace, law and order, is a lawful and transparent electoral voting process. Then we will all respect the outcome, and work with whoever wins, to make Kenya not only what it should have been, but better for all Kenyans everywhere. Denying Kenyans their right to a transparent voting process is evil, and to support wrong-doing is wickedness.

May God show Himself strong in His defense of those who desire to do right.

Peace be to you Kenya.