Gerald Harmon, AMA President, NOT following the science

Subject: Gerald Harmon, AMA President, NOT following the science
From: Ves
Date: 3 Sep 2021
African countries death per 100,000 with or without Ivermectin

Apparently, jointly with the APhA and the ASHP, via MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Dr. Harmon is asking medical professionals to stop using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19, that there are other drugs that can be used, and "Ivermectin has not been shown to be one of those to be effective for the COVID-19 virus."... "right now the safest thing for you to do is take the current approved courses... If you require more treatment, there are established, safe, very well-approved treatments.

Then they go on to say that Ivermectin is a deworming medicine for animals, which also treats lice, and some skin conditions. And then, they mention that doctors have reported success using it for COVID-19, talking about some study where continued use of Ivermectin for five years help treat patients with mild COVID-19.

Then they go on to warn of possible side effects, and of course that everyone should go ahead and get the vaccine.

The facts of the matter are that Ivermectin has been used for literally 60 years to treat various illnesses around the world. Including being given to pregnant and nursing mothers with no side effects. The WHO considers it one of the essential medicines, and the discovered of this molecule won the Nobel Peace Prize. It's even FDA approved and has been for decades. Yes, it is an anti parasitic and it is used in animals, but it has been used in humans for decades. They vaguely mention that people should be worried about side effects, when in fact, decades of use has shown it has none. The same can not be said about the vaccines they are pushing, which clearly have death as one of the side effects.

Also, the fact that Ivermectin prevents and cures COVID-19 is indisputable at this point. The FLCCC testified in front of a Senate subcomitte to present that data. In addition, there are two real world examples of how Ivermectin works. One is that when the Pandemic first started it was believed that Africa would be hit very hard, when in fact cases were negligible compared to the rest of the world. No one knew why that was. Turns out that many countries in Africa have issues with parasites that people contract. As a result, many people in Africa take Ivermectin on a regular basis. And when you look at countries in Africa where Ivermectin is regularly prescribed vs those African countries where it is not, the difference in COVID-19 death rates is staggering. African countries where Ivermectin is regularly prescribed have very low death rates. This data, which was compiled by Johns Hopkins, was not missed by Japan, where several days ago all Japanese doctors were instructed to start using Ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19. The other example I mentioned previously, related to India's use of Ivermectin. When they used Ivermectin, and they are still using it in some areas, the death rates were very low, but when the WHO asked them to stop using it and focus on vaccination, death rates went way up, and now the India Bar Association is suing the WHO because of the people that needlessly died because of the WHO's advice and pressure to stop using Ivermectin.

For Gerald Harmon or anyone for that matter to say that Ivermectin shouldn't be used in treating COVID-19, is completely ignorant or an outright lie. There are no alternative treatments that work as well, including the vaccines, which Israel is clearly showing don't work... what's the alternative, getting thrown into a hospital and stuck on a ventilator? At least 80% of COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if protocols from the FLCCC and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko would have been used. Gerald and his AMA and FDA and NIH cronies should be rushing to recommend use of Ivermectin to all doctors, not outright discouraging them. That is, assuming, that they really cared about saving human lives, which they clearly do not.

A treatment course of Ivermectin along with the supporting vitamins such as Zinc, D3, and C, cost mere dollars. Whereas treatments you receive in the hospitals cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars and have a much lower success rate. The vaccines are worthless and they are a multi billion dollar business, you can bet that all these people who have their hands in big Pharma's pockets, aren't interested in an off patent drug you can get for a few bucks.

This is not about saving lives, it never has been, at least not for the AMA, the FDA, the NIH, or any agency or government that is pushing vaccination over a common sense proven approach like Ivermectin. I for one can not wait for the day when all these people are dragged into court and found guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Don't take my word for it. Do your own research. Take responsibility for your health. Don't believe the lies and propaganda you are being fed.