Why doesn't Apple provide acceptable after-sales service for Iphones in India?

Subject: Why doesn't Apple provide acceptable after-sales service for Iphones in India?
From: Amit Chaudhary
Date: 4 Feb 2016

Dear Apple,

I have been a loyal customer of yours since 2008. Satisfied with the quality and experience of Apple Iphone, I gifted an Iphone 6 to my sister-in-law last year in June. My sister-in-law liked the phone and it was a good experience until we required after-sales service for it.

The phone was dropped and the screen cracked a bit at the bottom of the iphone. Now, the phone works fine but it does not look very pretty. Please understand that I am not blaming Apple for our mistake. The phone was dropped by us and since the screen is made of glass, it broke. Some people might say glass used by Apple in Iphone 6 are too fragile, not me. I am still happy with my Iphone 4s. Our fault completely until this point. Then we got in touch with Apple support via chat and enquired about the cost to fix the broken screen. We were told by your customer representative that he could not provide pricing for replacing broken screen via chat and that we need to get in touch with Apple service provider closest to our location. Naturally, I assumed that Apple will have consistent pricing for its customers across world or atleast in India. Still I did not receive any price quote for the same via chat through apple support. So, we visited apple service provider (iVenus) in Surat and we were quoted the price of Rs. 24,850 ($366) for replacing the phone !! Pricing for the same is listed as $109 in US (https://www.apple.com/support/iphone/repair/screen-damage/). A new iphone of the same model currently costs Rs. 37,000 ($545).

Since the phone is still covered under warranty, a reasonable person would expect decent after-sales support from Apple in India. A reasonable person would also expect transparent pricing available for all Apple customers, including customers in India. A reasonable person would also expect similar pricing for repair costs in India as it is in US. May be I am being unreasonable. Still I request you to provide me with a reasonable excuse for not proving upfront and transparent pricing for service costs in India and why customers in India are expected to pay 3.5 times repair cost than customers in US.

Disappointed Customer