Why does pain think he can be my friend ?

Subject: Why does pain think he can be my friend ?
From: Yvonne Annor
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Dear pain,

You came into my life about 2 years ago and you ruined it. You made me feel alone and angry. Tired and depressed. You told me i was nobody and that I didn’t deserve to be amongst the living. You made me feel like God wasn’t there. If I can recall you did tell me that I had no God and you told me that you would even show me that my God wasn’t real. Yea, you really did think you had some big a** balls but you didn’t. You danced all around my life and took me through the craziest amusement park and made me get on every single damn ride. You forced me , I cried and hollered and begged for you to let me off but you didn’t you thought it was funny and you laughed right in my face. You put so much of you in me and you burned me and left scars all over me, and you told me I was ugly and fat and had no life.

It wasn’t always like this. I use to be the happiest little girl you would ever met. I would look in the mirror and tell myself that I was so beautiful and my pretty brown eyes were out of this world until one day as I mounted the little red stool in the tan colored bathroom with the gold sink to tell myself my daily uplifting word you swung the door open and it hit me so darn hard. I couldn’t speak or even breath. “Who are you” I said with the crackling sound of my voice. “I’ve been following you for a while” he said. My face changed I looked like an old lady squinting trying to watch tv without her glasses. I was so confused I didn’t even have a response for him. He continued speaking “ I’ve been running around being nosey in your life, and yes the day has finally come” hahahaha he laughed like an evil witch I was terrified of you everytime your name came up I shook. I ran because i was scared.

Now I'm here to tell you I'm done with you, and we are through. I'm not scared of you anymore more so go ahead pack your nasty trashy bags and leave. I'm tired of you i’m tired of the scars the crying and the begging, I'm just tired and I don't wanna do it anymore. You're that one friend that nobody likes or wants around. You are annoying and childish and so freaking bossy. And did I say how controlling and annoying you are. You did get the best of me but not all of it. Today on this very day I say so long to you pain. I hope you got what you wanted and definitely what you deserved. Oh yeah and remember that one night when you said f**ck my life, well same to you cause you're that piece of fat on the chicken that nobodies wants to eat so take your sorry life and sorry a** and rest in perfect peace, harmony and every other good thing that comes with being in hell. Wait nothing good does come with hell so I pray that you burn with no peace and harmony and I pray you end up rotten in hell too Love ya ;).

The girl that you
Thought you could kill

Yvonne Annor