Why can’t we commit

Subject: Why can’t we commit
From: Erica
Date: 18 Sep 2019

I’m turning 47 next month. I’ve been divorced and single 12+ years. My story is complex, emotional, and lonely.

Really, I’ve been single much longer. He rejected me early in our marriage, before we even said “I do”. We became pregnant while dating, and at 27, it was my first time ever to be expecting. I didn’t expect him to stick around...but truthfully I’m glad he did at least long enough for me to also have the 3rd pregnancy. The first we were blessed with a son, the second miscarried, the third a daughter. I’ve raised them alone, no regrets.

Yet, I would welcome a loving man to share my life with now that my children are teenagers and thriving well.

Over the years I’ve been single I chose not to attempt relationships with other men cause I desired putting my children first. They love me unconditionally, unlike their biological dad. We’ve had a good life, challenging for sure, but blessed in the journey.

Now I am at a point I’d really like to meet a man who would cherish me, treasure me, love me...but does such a man exist in society today?

People are so broken. Old values of commitment and working through trials has become nonexistent.

Yes, even I fall into that category with my broken marriage. Yet, it’s not how I hoped it would be...and God knows I tried desperately to make it work before I understood he was a narcissist who would not and could not love me...or his children.