What will it take to Grow Entrepreneurs Across South Africa ?

Subject: What will it take to Grow Entrepreneurs Across South Africa ?
From: Lydia Zingoni
Date: 21 May 2014

Formation and roll out of Entrepreneurship clubs/societies at every High School in South Africa

SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation, A Non Profit Organization that was formed by a concerned parent with a sole aim of promoting and seeding a spirit and culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa, is looking for funding to realize this dream. If South Africa is serious about increasing entrepreneurial activity , then it has to support structures like SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation that are planting the seeds of entrepreneurship in our young children.

Currently there are approximately 18 million teenagers in South Africa. If we take the fact that there are 27,000 high Schools in South Africa say with an average of 600 children in each, we can conclude that there are roughly 16 million teenagers in Schools. It is therefore important that we capture and harness such a grouping and model them into future business leaders by introducing to them the concept of entrepreneurship.

Having grasped the numbers, it is important to note that if we successfully get each school to form an Entrepreneurship Club, we can potentially have 27,000 entrepreneurship hotspots in South Africa. This will certainly revolutionize this country. If we take this idea further and allow each club to base its businesses on concepts that improve its community, it will mean 27,000 communities will benefit from this exercise.

How then can we spark this whole project and what is it that is needed to role this out? To kick start a club/society in a school, we will need first a body that will oversee the complete roll out. The Association of South African High School Entrepreneurs Societies has been formed by SA Teen Entrepreneur for the purposes of overseeing the role out and coordinating the activities of each member club/society. Each formed society club will register with the Association.

The following are the budgetary requirements of each club/society and activities:

  1. Each Society will require a School Champion – Typically a champion will either be Head of Life Orientation, or Business Studies, or Economics, or other Teacher who shows interest
  2. Each Champion will recruit 30-50 members from the student body to form the core members of the society and register the club with the Association (registration fees are R100 per society – however, if this is a hindrance to entry the Champion must contact the Association Secretariat)
  3. The Association will arrange first training workshop – Business Idea Generation workshop with the society – cost R5000
  4. Each member will receive the training and Club T-shirt with Association's logos and sponsors logos and school logos – Cost per each T-shirt R50 (based on 50 members –R2500)
  5. Computer hardware and basic office equipment and connectivity R10,000
  6. Stationery R2,000 and R500 petty cash

Therefore it will cost R20,000 to set up each club and sustain it for the first 4-6 months, after which it is expected to be entrepreneurial enough to generate funds from its project.

Again if we assume that all 27,000 high schools will take up this opportunity, we will need R540 million. It will take approximately 2-3 years to plant these clubs successfully across the whole country. This exercise is possible if we can have individuals, Government, companies and investors to see and embraces the vision and invest in such a project. We are therefore looking up for Champions in each province to look at seeding into this noble project.

This is not a one-man job, but a whole campaign that will need more hands and resources. All we have done at SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation is to come up with this vision, but we are going to need a lot of support.

We are trusting that companies, individuals, School Governing Bodies, investors and government are going to rise-up and see the vision and immediately support the project. Remember for each R20,000 you give, we can plant into 50 lives and change them forever. Please contact us to discuss your donation. There will be various benefits given to individuals, companies, and agencies that will support us in this initiative.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Lydia Zingoni
Founder & Director: SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation
Cape Town Science Centre
370 Main Road, Observatory
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