What it takes to be inlove

Subject: What it takes to be inlove
From: Akuma no kitsume
Date: 12 Dec 2016

Falling inlove is easy, cause thats the basic thing that any human can do. Staying inlove with the person, now thats a tricky one. Many have failed and tried. Theres only a few whom succeeded, but what can you really do? If the love that you once have vanished into thin air? And yet there you are, still staying beside that person you once loved, unable to move. Just because you stayed doesnt mean that you still feel the same way, sometimes the reason why we stayed, is because we forgot our path, and also because you've depended so much to that person that you forgot how it is to live by yourself again.
They said that its a pathetic thing to do, and yet there are still a few of those people who chose to stay, with a mind thats thinking and hoping that everything will still be okay. Im one of them, i stayed, because the whole feeling isnt gone yet, and im trying to fix it all up again, cause i forgot my direction, i forgot how to walk on my own, and also because when im with him it feels like home. Every relationship undergo thru some hardship in life, it only depends on the both of you if you are willing to strive and survive. Even if one of you already let go, dont loose hope, just keep on grabbing that thin line that connects the both of you, cause sometimes the reason they'd let go is also the reason why you should still fight, confused? Dont be. When the time comes you'll experience it too, and when that time comes, you're ready. Tge four letter word might be an evil or cursed word to some, but its also the word that connects and binds us all. I realized that now, and i hope you do too .