Warning To All That Solicitor William Gilmour of Canada Works For Police & Feds

Subject: Warning To All That Solicitor William Gilmour of Canada Works For Police & Feds
From: Sold Out Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 14 Sep 2015

This is my personal warning to any innocent defendant falsely accused of a crime in Canada. If you are approached by a lawyer named Solicitor William Gilmour or Atty. Bill Gilmour, who offers to represent you for a flat fee or monthly installment fees, take a pass. He literally represents the police, both now and in the past, and your case will be sabotaged. Innocent or not, you will be convicted if you cannot pay more than the police. He did it to me and he will do it to you. This here is my complaint against Gilmour with the Law Society: http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com

If however, you are guilty of some crime, you can find a much cheaper and better lawyer to represent your interests and perhaps obtain a plea agreement on your behalf. Sorry, I do not agree that guilty people should walk free only because of a clever or connected lawyer.

First this is Gilmour's background... former undercover narcotics police officer who then joined the RCMP. Not long thereafter he shot an unarmed teen in the back and was asked to quietly resign or be fired and probably prosecuted/sued. He resigned but maintained his colleague contacts. Before resigning however he had a short affair with murder victim Jeanette Kelly. (This is a story in itself as Gilmour admitted Patrick Kelly was not the real killer - confirming what Dawn Taber finally confessed herself after Patrick was already sentenced to life in prison).

On August 14th, 2001, Solicitor William Gilmour was arrested for child abuse in Brampton after hitting his 10 year old son who is less than half his size. Gilmour is a giant guy, almost 300 pounds and about 6' 2" tall.

In my case it appears that he started off with good intentions except that he grossly misrepresented his qualifications and experience. He claimed he had worked 5 previous extradition cases and won 2 stays. In fact he only represented one extradition and talked his client into surrendering himself with a deal that Gilmour brokered for the feds.

After his own arrest, he began acting strangely - refusing to meet with a local MP who offered to help prove my extradition request was fake. He also "misplaced" two vital pieces of key exculpatory evidence. He then claimed he could not find a witness who lived and worked in the same place with the same telephone number for at least 5 years - a registered stockbroker! He spoke with a CBS new investigator who confirmed my story but failed to obtain a sworn affidavit from the man in time for my hearing when it was needed (He had six weeks to obtain the statement that was offered freely by the witness Ty West). Likewise, he was offered a video deposition by key witness John Pierre Gonyou but claimed to be "too busy" on the three dates offered by Gonyou, who was then murdered and made to loo like a drug overdose (Gonyou did not use heroin - only weed and occasionally some cocaine).

Gilmour then offered me money to cheat and sell out another client of his named Vic Richards who was the inventor of the automatic transmission for motorcycles that even had a reverse gear. The patents rights were worth millions of dollars and Gilmour schemed to steal those rights with a hostile take over of the company.

He also represented a former Toronto Detective named Abraham "Chris" Bailey who can tell his own horror story. But here is all that I experienced that you need to be warned about:

* He failed to appear at two of my scheduled court hearings

* Did not tell me about his own arrest until he wad drunk one day

* "Misplaced" and never found two key documents in my case

* "Forgot" to call me and 5 witnessed to testify at my hearing

* Failed to tell the court that witnesses were being threatened

* Extorted my wife

* Failed to demand copies of non-existent charging documents

* Failed to correct factual errors in his written submissions

* Failed to follow client instructions

* Asked me to commit a felony crime on his behalf

* Walked out of a police interrogation leaving me alone with FBI

* Fabricated a false bill more than 2 years AFTER his termination

* Filed a false claim in a foreign court to steal a house

* Committed documented perjury in that same foreign court
For details see http://ohiocourtroomcorruption.blogspot.com

Eventually you will discover that Gimour represents the Peel Police Department but he will probably tell you this only after you pay him your retainer fee (non-refundable money).

There may in fact be many lawyers like William Gilmour, but in my 60 years of life, I have had 12 lawyers work for me on various matters, and none were as devious and unethical as this man. Only Stephen J. Finta, a famous drug smuggling FBI informant lawyer could possibly be worse. My case is unusual and is explained here: http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.com. Anyone who doubts the above can gladly visit me with a polygraph examiner or you can just start talking with past victims of Solicitor William Gilmour. Unfortunately, Jeanette will probably not cooperate in this regard.