To the Walmart worker

Subject: To the Walmart worker
From: A very sorry mom
Date: 23 Dec 2016

To the very tired looking woman working at Walmart on Tuesday night, I'm sorry.

I let my son push the cart and told him to hurry because it was getting late. And I'm sorry I did.

He ran a little and didn't look where he was going. And I'm sorry I wasn't watching.

He ran the cart right into your side. I'm sorry I couldn't stop him in time.

You didn't even look surprised, just hurt, like this had happened before. I'm sorry this has happened again.

I appologised, and I asked my son to apologize, and you barely met our gaze, and mumbled you were alright. Like you were to tired and hurt and angry to look at us. I'm sorry our apology was so inadequate.

I'm sorry our eagerness to get our shopping done caused you harm and anger and depression. If I could go back and change it I would. You are in my thoughts and I hope your week got better.