unconditional love

Subject: unconditional love
Date: 22 Nov 2017

I want to be in love with someone who is completely utterly pathetically in love with me as well. So in love it inspires everyone. So in love that they don’t know how they lived this long without me. A love that makes romantic movies relatable but still doesn’t demonstrate how much a person can love another. I have so much love to give and I just want someone to match it with me. I watch all these shows and movies and I always see how love is depicted. It makes me think if that’s how it’s supposed to be. I know it’s not supposed to be perfect but it’s supposed to be worth the little obstacles and tough times may come up. But love never fails. Love doesn’t hurt, it isn’t supposed to hurt. Love is a great ass feeling and I can’t wait to feel that because all I’ve been feeling is disappointed. I’ve realized love is unconditional because there is no bad that comes with it. It’s supposed to be patient, kind, and humble among many other things. Unconditional means regardless of circumstances you love them for who they are. There are no limits to loving them even though they are flawed and have made mistakes in the past. Unconditional love means regardless of everything that has led to the person you know to be, you love them for who they are. I’ve never believed in unconditional love because I thought it required conditions such as boundaries and limits. But that isn’t true love. Real love wouldn’t put you in any situations where you worry about those conditions because it isn’t even a thought. Those conditions are never set in place. I want to share unconditional love with someone deserving. “Unconditional love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves.” I want to love someone because they are worth loving even if I don’t receive anything from it I will know that it is because I love them and want what is best for them. That’s real love. I know I should love someone and not want anything in return but I honestly do want someone to TRULY love me because I will love them just the same and it will be one for the books. At one point during this I realized I don’t love him unconditionally because I haven’t accepted him for who he is now. If I knew about his past mistakes I would’ve loved him unconditionally but the fact I found out more than I thought I knew, it showed me that lying isn’t love. He wasn’t his true self because he hid things from me and you can’t love someone unconditionally if it wasn’t real to begin with. There’s a chance it can work but like I said I want to be in love with someone that honestly loves me not hurts me. A love that is unconditional, as in for better or worse not because they make it worse and you’re supposed to love them even then.