The Ultimate Question……When?

Subject: The Ultimate Question……When?
From: Nishan Ali
Date: 7 Apr 2020

It’s been a while since I shared my innermost turmoil, often running through my mind by way of insidious thoughts. I am not sure sharing these would really make a difference, but as they say one has to be more forthcoming, when in doubt, especially when the matter concerns grave humane considerations.
The world we are living in; the place inhabited by myriad beliefs, faiths, emotions, cultures, is controlled by some intellectuals who proclaim themselves as community head/religious head, the heads who guide us; tells us to follow their path, who are ready to rage wars in the name of religion in the name of religion.
The heads of states who can spend billions to create new weapons to destroy humanity but cannot even spend a penny to fight hunger, illiteracy, child labor, woman abuse and more.
Billions of dollars to kill humankind? Weapons of mass destruction for genocide? How fruitful is it? I wonder!
Every head asks their community to stand for their religion and beliefs but none asks truly to stand with their brethren in times of adversity and calamities.
Then there are people; people like us who are used emotionally, brainwashed, bribed, people who allow such fanatics and zealots to override the very basis of humanity in us. We seem to have lost our conscience. We do not seem to hear the voice of our inner good self.
Today’s society and cultures demand humans who can feel for each other without being coerced by religion, community or power; without discrimination! Why do we have to look for another planet to settle down when our planet is enough for us? Why spend money there and not here? For the welfare of children, for the benefit of women and those people whom we are so proud to call destitute.
What is the need to spend billions of dollars to create another mass destructive weapon to destroy the very Gaia that we live on? What is the use of faith or religion when it cannot help to protect the ultimate creation of God? When will this game of superiority in power and religion come to a complete end? When will the mother Earth witness true peace?? When will different groups, religions, and communities come together and fight for one cause rather than fighting with each other?
When will educated minds behave like one? I guess I need to find my answers first through my belief system. But deep down I know very well the creator who created all of us, did not discriminate! No differences, yet we live and create differences every day through our beliefs and our own presumed superiority!