Truth is, I miss you

Subject: Truth is, I miss you
From: "why do good girls like bad guys"
Date: 20 Nov 2016

I don't even know where to begin, we've basically been through it all together. You were my best friend, you meant the world to me. But, of course. I had a boyfriend and you had a girlfriend, whom we're both still with today.

I'd do anything for you and you knew it. The same to you as with me. We talked for hours on end, you introduced me to all your friends and we would stay up late in a group chat sending photo shopped pictures of ourselves on dragons. You had a huge ass traffic light you somehow had and your friend had a traffic cone. You guys would hide them in your closets and say it was a forbidden love because she was illegal.

You loved to make me happy, you saved my life multiple times and hated to see me sad.

...but the sad thing is, I never met you in those 3 & a half years once and you only lived a town away.

We had all these little inside jokes, like the first time we talked you made me so mad by sending me song lyrics and I didn't know what you meant. Also like the time we said we'd rob UDF together and steal all the super man ice cream. Or the time we made up our own gang, called cat crew, because I was in love with your cat Mr. Wilson. Or the time I begged you to play Caraphernelia on the bass for me and you refused. Oo, oooo. Or the time I painted you that awesome dragon!

All these memories thrown away over one argument I caused when your girlfriend cheated on you. I still stalked your facebook to make sure you were okay every now and then and I bet you did the same with me.

It's been 4 years since we last talked...

A lot has changed, for both of us.

But now, I'm sitting here on my 17th birthday just scrolling on facebook. Then you friend request me and my heart stops. I thought you hated me and never wanted to speak to me again, as you said.

Then it happens.

You hit me with "why do good girls like bad guys"

the first words you said to me when we met.

I wasn't sure whether to cry, be happy, mad or even confused.

I decide to be confused and be and happy and also cry a little. You still remembered and care. You then tell me happy birthday and have a conversation with me.

Now, its been 20 minutes since we last talked...

You're at work at the moment, which ironically is UDF. I can't stop thinking about you now when I tried my hardest to forget you.

I didn't... and obviously you didn't either.

I'm glad you didn't forget me because truth is, I've missed you