Trump declares a emergency

Subject: Trump declares a emergency
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 13 Jan 2019

Donald Trump is declaring a emergency at the southern border from what I seen on t.v their no emergency at the border however, their is humanitarian kids being separated fro their parents people wants to escape the violence living in poverty etc to get their kids better lives. Donald Trump is using this bogus excuse just to get wall .I hearing that the Trump Administration wants to get the relief funds from the Hurricanes victims from Puerto Rico Florida & North Carolina etc just to pay for the wall. you can't get any lower than that to take money from the victims that loss their homes & other valuable properties just to get wall . The emergency is for ones that loss their homes & the 800,000 thousands of workers that not getting a paycheck who have to sell their valuables to make by because of the Donald Trump & congrees! Instead of thinking about himself trump should be thinking about the 800,000 thousands families right now with no money or any source of income coming in right & the victims of the hurricanes that loss their homes due to no fault of their own .let be clear this shutdown is Donald J Trump doing he own it .he using the federal workers & hurricanes victims hostage just to get a wall personal this is a scam .The gold for trump is to get taxpayers money for his personal use or perhaps enriched himself at the expense of taxpayers just my thoughts !