Times Up Where my Money

Subject: Times Up Where my Money
From: Daejreon J
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Dear Mom,

I want my money that you took from me. I gave you fifteen dollars about a week ago and you haven’t paid me back yet. When am I gonna get my money. I wanted to spend my money on something I wanted. But I had to give you most of my money and had only $4 to my name 4 freaking dollars. Today makes it 8 days since I gave you that money, I just want my money back. I love you fam but I need money just like you need money. I could of brought so much candy and two bags of takis at the store with that money. I’m tired of waiting for you to give me my money. If I would’ve known that it would have took a week in a day to get the money back. I went to help my Aunt move in to her house not you, I had to pick heavy things up not you. It took me over four hours to help her get her stuff in the house. I could’ve used that four hours to sleep longer but no I chose to be nice and help a family member out. I was happy that I helped her until I got that text from you saying “can I get $15.” Do you know how sad I was to think that i had to give you 75% of my money. Next time you tell me that you’re going to give me my money back can you please really mean in this time. Week 2 and I haven’t got my money. I have been waiting to long for you to give me my money.