To those who push college on others

Subject: To those who push college on others
From: the girl who wish she waited
Date: 20 Apr 2018

Senior year is always a mixture of fun and stress, more so stress anymore. You worry constantly about getting accepted into the college your parents want/you want, paying for all sorts of fees, juggling classes all while trying to stay sane. I've been in that position so I definitely know how hard it can be.

You never really think much of it till you're close to a mental breakdown. Schools force college on students and so do parents. It is every parents dream to see their child go on to college and graduate with a degree and likewise that is some of their child's dreams as well. HOWEVER, college does not have to come right after high school. I really feel like parents fail to realize that.

My parents pushed college so hard on me so I attended community college, I was not happy and felt so low. It's not that I didn't want to attend college, I just wasn't ready. That is okay. I ultimately toughed it out for a year and then took a leave. I didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so why waste money on classes, books, etc.?

During my time off, I worked full time and started saving money which is such a stress reliever because the whole time I was in school, I was always worried about how I was going to pay for things and asking my parents for money obviously just wasn't going to work.

Within my time off, I found myself. I found my likes and dislikes and what would ultimately work for me. I toyed around with some different classes and got a feel for online learning. I am currently still working while taking online classes which works for ME. It was my decision to go back to school and complete it at a pace that works for me.

Again, college is not for everyone. There are many different paths you can take. There's trade schools, online courses, you name it. Please don't feel rushed because you will regret it and miss out on some awesome opportunities.