Think Twice Before You Post

Subject: Think Twice Before You Post
From: Iroda.KH
Date: 20 Sep 2019

Dear High School Students,

As we all agree, technology is a significant part of our lives and makes a big impact to our lifestyle. We are more connected than ever before; with a click of a button we can start chatting with a friend across the world, get the latest news, or post something. However; with every advancement comes its drawbacks. Our online presence leaves footprints that can be traced easily. If we join an online group, comment in any website or post something online it may have negative consequences. I am writing this letter to bring awareness to this generation that our online activity is traceable and our online actions may have consequences.
In the modern digital world people post or upload millions of different information on millions of different subjects. So, it is most likely that any person is able to find in the internet the subject matter he or she might be interested in. Be it a small online high school group or a blog about some particular subject, it is important to be cautious when posting or commenting something offensive or racist. It might seem harmless at a glance but it could affect the person future. Recently Harvard University rescinded admission offers to some of its incoming freshmen who participated in a private Facebook group, sharing offensive memes and exchanging racist comments. Kyle Kashuv, survivor of the last years Parkland, Florida high school shooting, and who achieved fame fighting for tighter gun controls got admitted to the nation's top university. However, his admission got rescinded because university found out that he participated and exchanged racist comments online when he was 16 years old. Even though Kashuv made the racist comments years ago, Harvard admissions stood by their decision to revoke his admission. This is not an isolated story, there are hundreds of cases similar to Kashuv’s where one's online activity jeopardizes his or her own future. My advice to all high schoolers is to be cautious and mindful of you online presence.
Think before you post!
Iroda Khaydaraliyeva
Student at Grossmont College