A thank you letter to Abingdon mental health

Subject: A thank you letter to Abingdon mental health
From: A grateful patient
Date: 4 Nov 2015

To the wonderfully useless service camhs, a huge thank you.
Thank you for not noticing my condition, for allowing it to go on without care or attention. It has allowed me to form great bonds with all my visions and shaped me almost undoubtedly to the binge eating nervous wreck I am today
Thank you for encouraging family therapy, for giving me untold anxiety over treatment I didn't want yet felt had no other option as otherwise I would receive nothing. Thanks for all the sleepless nights I've spent worrying over what it would be like as no one explained it to me.
Thank you for talking over me every time I have a review or think things are going well so I lose any confidence in speaking up for my self and now no longer contribute in class.
Thank you for my double chin and muffin top I get from the binge eating disorder you have left untreated for almost two years. I can no longer eat without immense guilt or look in a mirror without wanting to die, but still you don't notice.
Thank you for making me feel like I have no real problems, for making me feel stupid dumb and pathetic when I obsess and worry over "normal things" like everyone else because of the ideas the voices put in my head. Thanks for making me hate myself that I can't write stuff down as the voices make me too paranoid someone will find it and yet make me feel stupid when we run out of things to talk about in a session. Thank you for not letting me get the words out when all I want to do is scream how bad I feel.
And thank you because without you I would not have nearly overdosed tonight. I would not have held the bottled in my hand swallowed those first few pills and realised I am more than this, I am more than appointments review meetings and becoming one more statistic! I am a fighter and I can get better even without your help. Thank you for doing absolutely none of your job because it made me realise just how strong I am and how I can beat this. How I will beat this.
Thank you, Rachel